Prayers for Officers

In the United States Capital in Washington DC there is a small room off the rotunda. The room is provided for the private prayers of members of Congress. Jack Crans, Pastor and Prison chaplain, has had the privilege of visiting the room. The room is always available when Congress is in session but closed to the public. Within the room is a stained glass window depicting George Washington kneeling in prayer. Inscribed around him are these words, “Preserve me, O God for in Thee do I trust ” (Source: The Rebirth of America, Arthur S. Demoss Foundation)

“When life gets messy and when life’s storms come we should pray for those in authority. What we seldom understand for the officer is that it is a daily occurrence.” – Unknown.

These are prayers from those of us, and for those of us, involved in police and correctional services. If you have the privilege of knowing an officer please remember to include the name(s) when offering these words of intercessory coverage and protection. Add your own prayers as you become aware of specific concerns and needs. As an officer bring your authority and duty before God. As an officer, pray these for yourself.

“Weigh carefully the place He has permitted you to serve, thank Him for placing you in your role. And, never underestimate what He might be calling you to do”.

Jack Crans

Always start by thanking God. Always end with thanking God

Thank you for the protection, service and duties that are provided.
Thank you for the months and years of dedication and willingness to serve.
Forgiveness for human imperfections and often cynical attitudes.
Provide for their family. Put a hedge of protection around each one and all their activities.
Provide the ability to have a strong and growing personal relationship with God.
Provide passion for excellence and not just success.
Provide discernment to know when others are lying or telling the truth.
Provide patience in dealing with irritating people and circumstances.
Provide a clear mind to deal with emergencies and related encounters.
Provide renewing rest in the midst of changing schedules.
Provide for resolve, strength and clarity in making difficult decisions.
Provide clear recall when writing reports and testifying in court.
Provide the ability to stay alert during varying shifts and long work schedules.
Provide the ability to be able to effectively make good decisions quickly.
Provide the ability to remain calm in crisis and use appropriate force as needed.
Provide the ability to deal with stress in a healthy manner.
Provide both firmness and sensitivity to a wide variety of needs.
Provide security and self awareness when verbally abused by those seeking to destroy personal dignity.
Provide safety when threatened physically.
Provide a strong work ethic but not to become a workaholic.
Provide good judgment in gathering information and evidence.
Provide physical health for balancing career and family.
Provide help to maintain, relay upon and apply training and skills.
Provide help to be fair and impartial in performance of duties.
Provide the ability to see a strengthened public attitude towards the job.
Provide the needed people skills in a variety of ways.
Provide protection when responding to emergency situations and crisis.
Provide that superiors are approachable, understanding and encouraging.
Provide healthy relationships with co-workers, family and friends.
Provide physical safety while enjoying off duty time.
Provide both physical and mental courage.
Provide the ability to build confidence with the public.
Provide strength to overcome temptation in a position of trust.
Provide integrity to be the same person of character at all times.
Provide conviction when speaking with authority as one under authority.
Provide optimism in seeing tomorrow and the distant future.
Provide discipline in facing all types of temptations.
Provide true loyalty towards the organization and superiors.
Provide diligence in efforts to advance in position or assignment.
Provide humility when needing to acknowledge mistakes.


The word “Amen”: An expression of thankfulness,”this is sure to be”… more sure that God hears and honors our prayers than our desire to pray.

Use God’s Word to Pray for our Officers

Acts 17:30

Pray for repentance for ourselves, local officers and communities.

Psalm 32:6-7

Pray that Christians will dedicate themselves to pray faithfully for those in authority and that the Lord will provide officers that are willing to serve Him.

Proverbs 16:13

Pray that God will create among the officers of our communities a willing desire to listen to his word, and not follow the wisdom of the world.

Psalm 125

Pray that those officers who trust in the Lord will not be discouraged.

2 Kings 13:16

Pray that the Lord would put his hand on the ones of his choosing to serve as officers and those selected to command and lead.

Daniel 2:20-22

Pray that the Lord will remind those in authority that God himself is in control. He appoints leaders of communities and brings about their defeat.

Luke 12:54-57

Pray that officers of our communities and those who govern our communities will be discerning and do what is right.

Proverbs 1:5-7

Pray that those who seek offices of authority will grow in their understanding and learning of knowing how to serve in the fear of the Lord.

John 16:33

Pray that those who are called to serve as officers would be given the wisdom and skill they need to overcome any trouble that threatens our communities.

Philippians 4:13

Pray that those officers who are called to serve our communities would truly understand what it means for them that they must serve in the strength of the Lord.

Psalm 18:32-36

Pray that those officers chosen to serve our communities will be strengthened by the hand of God to defend the cause of justice and freedoms.

Hebrews 11:32-34

Pray that those officers chosen to serve our communities will have true faith in God, a faith that equips them to administer justice and work for peace.

Habakkuk 1:5 & 3:2

Pray that the Lord would do something truly amazing through those in authority that our communities would stand in awe in knowing our God reigns.