The Ten Commandments Code

“The Bible could be called God’s repair manual since it spells out the gospel of grace that restores sin damaged human nature. But, it is the commandments that crystallize the basic behavior, and it is precisely for this way of living that God’s grace rescues and refits us”
J.L. Packer

Police 10 codes are designed for radio communication. They reduce radio transmissions and allow for consistency and clarity among officers and with the communication center. 10-27 signifies to “check for a valid license, driving record and verify name and date of birth”. 10-26 signifies “detaining suspect expedite backup”. 10-76 signifies “en-route to location of call.” Ten codes are specific and can communicate status, situation, requests and dangers. All designed to request important basic information and alert others to the activity that is occurring. The longer literal meanings behind the code are generally consistent throughout the law enforcement network. Officers are required to memorize the code.

God’s word provides a kind of ten-code in the form of the Ten Commandments. Providing initial information to be transmitted and shared with officers serving in the streets and battlefields of life. The code relays the problems and conditions being faced. Connected by radio and access to our commanding officers, God also knows the steps we should take. They are communicated with clarity and consistency. They maintain order and prompt us to greater service. The Commandments were first written in stone. Later they were sealed with innocent blood. We know they have value to our lives because Gods Spirit testifies in our hearts they are from God. Two public locations I know that they are prominently displayed. Above the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court and the Sioux County Courthouse in Orange City, Iowa.

I have used the familiar 10- (dash) method of listing and referring to each one of the ten. It would be good to consider memorizing these as well.

10-1 Respecting Authority – “You shall have no other God’s before me”
Do not seek other things to fill the voids of life. The legitimate authority over us should be recognized and respected. Do not trust in our own understanding, intellect and sense of direction. Keep growing in all areas of life and know that God has the sole ability and will cover our past through Christ Jesus. Trust in Him alone. Be loyal to God, family and country. Humbly and patiently learn to trust God.

10-2 Avoiding Arrogance – “Do not make for yourself any idols”
Since God has created us He has always wanted to provide for us. Protect our relationship with Him. He is jealous if we replace Him with someone or something else that leaves Him out. Especially be cautious of that which is designed to deceive us. We need to guard against our selfish interests and avoid anything that alienates our hearts and mind from the things of God. Do not try to be wiser than God who created us. Identify what is important in your life. Avoid a corrupt image of whom God is and how he is to be acknowledged.

10-3 Ignoring reputations and commitments – “Do not take the name of your God in vain”
God does not want his reputation damaged anymore than we do. We do not like our name, or the names of loved ones, tarnished and discredited. Names are a reflective summary of who we are and what we represent. God desires to help us change the way we speak about Him and with others. The swearing of an oath is designed to signify the follow through with what has been promised. Oaths are used in maintaining order and promote truth. A legitimate oath means calling upon God as the one who knows my heart to witness to my truthfulness. Do not be a silent bystander. Follow through with what you say.

10-4 Balancing life – “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy”
Work-holism and non- stop activity can be a great temptation. Over work can be both honored and demanded. Take time to inventory our lives often. Continually evaluate your needs and adjust your schedule. Find balance between work and rest. Care for our growth mentally, spiritually and physically. Sunday is an excellent time for God and family. Attend when able the assembly of Gods people to learn what God’s word teaches and maintain the education of others in Gods word.

10-5 Significantly recognizing others – “Honor your Father and Mother”
God places great value on the home. Honor those who have contributed to your life. Do not try to know everything about your our their past. Love them. Forgive them. Honor them. Especially when not perfect like us! Be patient with their failings. Be grateful for those who gave us life. Respect those older and who have lived before us. It comes with a promise for a quality life not a quantity filled life.

10-6 Respecting one another – “You shall not commit murder”
Develop a greater sense of purpose about life. Place no lesser value on others because of race, gender, age etc. Recognize the importance of all human life. Protect all weaker individuals regardless of age. Do not harm or recklessly endanger one self. Protect others from harm as much as we can. Know what the rungs of anger and frustration can lead to in the heart. Resist desires to seek revenge and be a party to those that do. We get hurt and become impatient, know words can crush a person’s life and spirit. Killing that is done for justified reasons is not murder. Defend those who depend on you.

10- 7 Committing to the family – “Do not commit adultery”
Refrain the flesh that wants what it wants at any cost. It is extremely destructive. Address any unmet expectations. Resist devastating the lives of others. Betrayal erodes trust in all other related relationships. The family is the most solemn of social relationships. Acknowledge that it is possible to follow through on thoughts that diminish the importance of the family institution and sexual purity. Guard against these. Whether married or single live decent lives in actions and desires. Determine to honor family in all areas of life.

10- 8 Respecting all property – “Do not steal”
Avoid the temptation of thinking you can become entirely your own provider, more so than God. Do not borrow and then not return or pay back. More does not produce happiness. Things do not produce peace. Avoid manipulating and deception that seeks false security and designed to attract others. Engage in no schemes or fraud made to appear legitimate. Work faithfully that we may share with those in need. Respect privacy. Jealously and envy are the root causes of many conflicts. Respectful actions with others result in trust. Avoid complaisance in use of abilities and talents.

10-9 Pursue Integrity – “Do not give false testimony”
Be as transparent as you can in your contacts. Honest words result in mutual trust, respect and compatibility. Speak candidly. Without a hearing or just cause undisciplined speech may cause others to believe a “some truth to it” aspect or it would not have been said. Words shape or destroy lives. Be accountable to pursuing integrity in the cause of condemning anyone.

10-10 Pursuing contentment – “Do not covet”
Address the slightest thought or desire. Ask, How does this benefit my immediate needs? It is an opportunity to learn the attitude of contentment. Avoid compromising on the craving for the possessions and positions of life. Do not take advantage of the circumstances of others. Contentment is a state of mind. Make the best of what you have. Develop a grateful spirit. Pursue goals honestly.
Maintain a healthy state of mind.

10-100 A healthy view of relationships – “Love God and others”
The highest 10 code. Often left open to allow for individual departments to apply, and often summarize, several codes into one call signal. It represents the highest urgency of calls. Respond with all your effort. Take extreme care and provide protection for others as you would yourself. The codes are the filters through which all of our preparation and early decisions are made to provide the best possible outcome to be realized.

God provided these as a guide for living a life in right standing with Him and others. In acknowledging the standards set forth in the Ten Commandments we realize that each apparent negative, “Thou shall not”, actually implies a positive, “ Therefore I shall”. Yet, no matter how we view them, they continue to reveal our inability to live up to them perfectly. The Ten Commandments direct us to a much higher standard in Christ. The Ten Commandments prepare us to acknowledge our need to receive Christ and continually remind us to seek Him daily once we have, if we ever hope to come close to following His example of character and influence. The longer we live the more we may come to know our true nature. Never stop striving to be more and more conformed to God’s image of who we can be.

“The barbarities of lawlessness, violence, exploitation, sex, disregard for family, and the like are sanctioned by modern society. The three thousand year old commandments are a defense against all of these”.
J.L Packer

“Where the laws moral absolutes are not respected people either cease to respect themselves or each other”
– Unknown