Christian Police Association

Christian Prison Association

A ministry to those who are given authority over others and charged with ensuring that others live peaceful and quiet lives. The CPA seeks to promote the fellowship of Christians in the police and prison services. The CPA exists to advance the Christian faith among active and retired members of the police and prison professions. The CPA exists to encourage prayer, Bible study and fellowship, with proven results for those officers willing to discover these basic truths of spiritual health.

Faith, Duty and Ethical Standards

Living out ones faith in the work place can be difficult and the police and prison careers are no exception. There are unique temptations that an officer will face coupled with a trusted position in the community can cause very real pressures. Individual character can be tested at every level of our careers. It is the Christian officer’s duty to uphold biblical standards of living and performing various duties. The CPA encourages officers to take their stand in the area of ethics and morals. In order to add lasting value to society officers need to demonstrate their adherence to biblical ethics. Christian officers do not shy away from arresting offenders or maintaining discipline over those incarcerated. Officers reflect the character of Christ with the correct balance of justice, compassion and personal safety.

CPA Leadership

Leadership is provided by the Board of Directors of County Corrections Gospel Mission who actively support the purpose of the CPA. This body has recognized spiritual standing and leadership to guide administrative and pastoral policy, publicity and finance. The work of the CPA is entirely in faith and totally reliant on gifts and donations. Whether you're a cheap essay writer or a housewife, personal commitment to God and the vision He has given for the work of the ministry determines financial support. Our association works on the principles of writing services which offer essays for sale to save students' grades.

“Uniform and Lapel Bar”

Display your patriotism and represent the CPA-USA in a non threatening way with a uniform or lapel bar. Similar bars are sold through most law enforcement equipment stores and companies.


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